Their love story:

Dayne had a hard time….
She didn’t want to know anything about him.
They met at the dentist, he was the dentist!
For a whole year, he whoo her. She was still studying in Potchefstroom while he was practicing in Ermelo.
She received bunches and bunches of roses. Before the exam, she received a box.  A whole goody box full of sweets with a note “for the exam”  and a bottle of champagne with a note “I’m for after the exam”.
While she was at home for the holiday he took her to the movies, asked her on coffee dates and spoiled her.
This went on for a whole year without her changing her mind….
Her head was still stubborn. 
But her heart grew fond of him.
Her eyes opened!!
She realized this is the man of her dreams!
After realizing this, she went back to her Bible. On the 1 st of January 2015, she read Isaiah 54. She made it hers and asked God if He would please send her, her husband this year.

She placed it in his hands.

Her husband was under her nose the whole time!
Luckily he didn’t backend out yet!
So she could still make her move!  Although he made the move again.  He invited her formally to a dinner at his house. He picked her up at her house, set a table, lit candles and cooked her an amazing dinner with dessert and everything!!
She was sold and made her move!
April 2014 I met Dayne McLeod a dentist in Ermelo originally from Port Elizabeth.
January 2015 I asked God for my husband, then I realized my heart has been Dayne’s for a while in July 2015.
August 2015 he invited me to dinner and asked me to be his girlfriend.
4 February 2017 we got engaged.
The engagement was a surprise, then he held his birthday party with all our friends and loved ones. He thanked everyone for attending and called me to the front to “thank” me. As I stood there and he tried to keep me busy while fishing the ring out his pocket, he dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife.


I still don’t know who cried the most…
9 September 2017  we become husband and wife!
I got what I wanted most.  My husband, the husband that God chose for me.

Their wedding day:

The whole fact that we got married stood out for me!
I really had a fairy tale wedding. Everything was absolutely PERFECT.
The wedding as a whole was my favorite moment.

Beach Wedding

I can just thank God that everything went as planned.
Everyone was on time, the venue looked stunning, the food was yummy and the people enjoyed it!
For me as the bride the whole day was fun. Starting with my hair at Janus, getting ready with my mother and two bridesmaid’s and Tarryn the make-up artist.
At a point, while standing in front of the mirror all dressed in white and beautifully made-up the “big – step” caught up with me,  I was in tears.
Tears of joy!!
It didn’t last long before the giggles were back!
My mother read Psalm 23 for me out of my grandmother’s Bible. She passed away in 2015, we both wish she could have shared this day with us. Psalm 23 was Ouma Lena’s favorite verse.
This moment I will cherish for the rest of my life, she was with us in our hearts.
The groom’s point of view…
It was very relaxed and all and all a good day.
My wife definitely stood out!!

Tips for other brides-to-be:

1- Don’t over complicate it!
2-  It’s you and your husband’s day. Not the family’s day. If you don’t want to you don’t have to.
3- Talk to your future husband. Ask what he thinks and what he wants.  Remember bride’s it’s not only your day. It’s his big day too!
4- Just relax and enjoy your beautiful day!!

Who made it happen:

 Dress: Jacqui from Middelburg 082 378 8649
Hair: Janus from Bang-Bang Hair Port Elizabeth 041 819 6400. [email protected]
Make-up: Tarryn Harding from Tarryn Harding make-up artist  072 079 1666
Grooms suit: Euro Suit Sandton
011 783 7438
Venue: The Plantation Port Elizabeth
041 366 1591
Decor and flowers: Lynley from Floral Creations and Hire Warehouse
Music: Enjoy productions
041 581 7804
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