Wedding Timeline & Program

Your Wedding Timeline and Wedding Program play such a large role in the success of your wedding and your wedding photos.

Wedding planning can get so stressful especially the admin part, but I am here to help you and to make even the admin part fun!

To ensure you have allocated enough time for all your wedding photos follow this wedding timeline:

1. Groom and Groomsmen – 40 Minutes

The Groom and Groomsmen photos usually take around 40 minutes, it helps a lot if the guys are on time and ready for action when we arrive for their photoshoot.

The guys need to be showers and fully dressed except for the groom’s shoes and belt when we arrive.

It is also a good idea to have the Groom’s close family (mom, dad, brothers and sisters) present for a few family shots.

Tip: have the guys do something fun, for example: playing soccer, fishing, or playing cards. Cigars and whiskey is always a good idea. In conclusion, It is important for them to have fun! 

wedding timeline

2. Bridal Accessories – 30 Minutes

After the groom’s photoshoot, we head over to the girls. I love to spend time with the bridal accessories to capture those details.

Bridal accessories: bride and groom wedding ring, wedding dress, wedding shoes, garter, wedding bouquet, perfume, special makeup, earrings, necklace, wedding stationery, and anything else that are sacred and special.

Tip: please have everything ready when I arrive. Hang your dress on a beautiful hanger in a beautiful spot with lots of natural light.

wedding timeline

3. Bride and Bridesmaids – 90 Minutes

When I start with your (the bride) photos I want you to be 100% done with your hair and makeup. We will start with you in your gown doing a styled makeup and hair shop. Please ask the hairdresser and makeup artist to wait before they leave so that we can get this shot.

After that, I want to take some fun photos with you and your bridesmaids in your gowns. Make sure you have at least two bottles of champagne for these images.

If you are comfortable and if your room has a beautiful bath I would love to take some fine art photos of you in the bath covered with your veil before you get dressed.

Tip: when choosing where to get ready please pick a space with a lot of natural light, a beautiful clean space with a lot of space for the images. A small dark cluttered room is your worst nightmare to get romantic bridal photos.

Getting dressed: here we usually have you and your mom or your maid of honor helping you, then we add all your accessories with the rest of the bridal party helping.

After that, it’s your images with your bridesmaids.

It is also special to have your close family (mom, dad, brothers and sisters) here for a few shots.

Then it’s your bridal portrait shoot. Here I want you alone to get your magazine cover shots. I love spending time with these images as its so important.

Tip: please ask your bridesmaids to keep the rooms tidy for stunning photos.

wedding timeline

4. Venue and Decor – 30 Minutes

I would love to have 30 minutes where the reception is finished to get beautiful decor photos. Please make sure your wedding planner is aware of the time that we arrive for these images.

wedding timeline

5. Ceremony – 30 – 60 Minutes

The timeframe of the ceremony depends on you and your pastor/marriage officiant. It is a good idea to give them a time schedule so that we can plan the rest of the day accordingly.

I will be standing a lot of the time in front to capture those special memories but I will be respectful at all times.

wedding timeline

6. Confetti, Cake and Family – 40 Minutes

After the ceremony it is usually confetti, then cutting off the cake and then family photos.

Tip: during the confetti walk slowly and enjoy the moment.

Tip: make sure your DJ plays a fun song during the cutting of the cake. You don’t want awkward silence.

Tip: please arrange with all the family who will be present during the family photos who they are and where they need to be because the last thing we want is some uncle wandering off and we losing some of our couple golden hour light.

Please send me a name list of all the family photos you want for example: Photo 1: bride, groom, grandma Sannie, grandpa Loekie or for instance Photo 2: bride, groom, mom Elizabeth, dad Andreas.

wedding timeline

7. Bridal Party – 20 Minutes

After the family photos, it’s time to have some fun with the bridal party. Arrange with everyone to be present (again we don’t want to waste time waiting for someone and missing out on the sunset during the couple shoot.)

wedding timeline

8. Couple Shoot – 60 Minutes

Yay my favorite part of the day! Make sure you remember your veil and flowers.

Tip: ask a bridesmaid to join during the shoot. This helps a lot if we need someone to hold the flowers or stretch the veil.

Tip: google your date to see when the sunset will be. The best time to do the couple shoot is 80 minutes before sunset.

When doing your time schedule its best to start with the couple shoot and work backward from there.

wedding timeline

9. Reception

During the reception, we just capture everything that is happening for as long as you booked us.

When couples book us for a shorter time period they tend to start with the first dance. This way they have beautiful photos of the first dance it breaks the ice for the party.

Tip: make sure you inform me beforehand if you would like to book extra hours if the program goes over time.

wedding timeline

There you have it, friends. Hopefully, this will give you an idea, take this wedding timeline and make it your own.

I can’t wait to capture your beautiful wedding!

If you have any other questions, please contact me here. Remember to PIN these images to help you with your Wedding Timeline and planning later on.